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Posted:  13 Jan 2018 19:07

FS 2018  - FS - Ginger's Test - Part 1 mp4
Ginger wants to be a FutileStruggles model so I invite her over for a shoot. At the beginning of the clip we chat and I ask her a few questions. I don't ask to many though as I am ready to get some ropes on her. After her mini interview the clip cuts to me walking her in to the room. I lead her by a handful of her hair. I sit her down in a chair and order her to put her hands behind her back. I see right away how expressive she is... a very good quality for a model! The first thing I do is tie her wrists. She immediately knows there won't be any escaping today. I tie her waist to the chair next. I grab her by her hair and start slapping her DD all natural tits. Once again her expressions are priceless. Her ankles are bound next. A simple chest harness is then applied. I then grab her blouse and roughly rip it open exposing them DD's. She moans as I continue to slap and squeeze them. Yes, you guessed right... They are going to be bound. I leave her for a few moments as she sits there looking a little nervous. I return and start binding her tits. Once again she is very expressive as they are bound for the 1st time. Her long red hair keeps getting in my way, so I tie a rope very tightly into it and then tie it overhead. With that done I continue tying her tits. After they are bound I continue groping and slapping them. I order her to open her mouth. I have a very large ballgag that I know won't fit, but I thought you might like seeing me try and make it fit. I have another one that will fit perfect. I make her keep her mouth open as I get the other one. I strap it in tight and then I continue manhandling her bound tits. This goes on for a while and they get some nice hard slaps. Once again Ginger's expressions as her bound tits are slapped are priceless. When I stop, I tie a rope around her neck. This is where Part 1 ends.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:58
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2928kbps
Audio: 119kbps