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Posted:  18 Apr 2018 05:07

Kneels And Begs For Tit Torture, And Gets It - Lexi Lane - Scene 3 - HD 720p mp4 download
Lexi's bountiful tits are now roped and tied together. I remove her ballgag. She has been pushing it out when I wasn't looking, and now it is time for a more effective gag. I punish her by roughly slapping her bound tits. She yelps and jolts as the tears run down her cheeks. I stuff her mouth with a huge pair of panties and then I tape them in tight. I then continue adding rope to her already secure bondage. Her ankles are tied to a ring bolted to the floor. I apply a suction tube to her right nipple before removing her gag. Her nose is stuffed up from crying and she can't breathe. I bet she wishes she was still wearing the ballgag, but since she decided she wanted to push it out, she won't be getting any more "nice' gags. I attach a suction tube to her other nipple. She whimpers as she endures the suction after the harsh clover clamps earlier. I add more rope, further securing her to the chair, before cutting off her pretty purple panties. they are stuffed in her mouth and secured with microfoam tape. I leave a little room so she can breathe. I continue adding more rope as she copes with the nipple suction by sobbing and whining. Much to her relief, I finally remove the suction tubes, but her relief is short lived as I place heavy spring clamps beside each nipple. Her right tit seems to be bound too tightly and only 1 clamp will stay. These clamps are heavy and if they won't bite, nothing short of vice grips will. Poor Lexi really starts sobbing now. Her fantasy is for sure coming true at this point.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:57
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2915kbps
Audio: 119kbps