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Posted:  15 Sep 2018 05:27

30 year old Bijou Windows Media download
She starts her day in a lotus position, legs crossed and bound, arms in a box tie and her neck cinched off at her crossed ankles. Ball gagged. It is a tough position that starts to weigh on you very soon. Your back gets tired quickly and we see, we hear her moaning and struggling through the position. After a bit I throw a dirty old mattress behind her and then roll her over onto her back. She lets me know that position isn't much better for her. Being the nice guy that I am I place the Hitachi onto her cunt to give her a bit of a distraction. It doesn't take long before she asks for permission to cum. Denied. Instead, I make her tell me how often she masturbates. What she thinks about when she masturbates. Whether she uses a vibrator or not. Then I grab the Eroscillator and use it on her little female dick. Now the next time she needs to cum I told her to ask me to place a clothespin on her clit. It doesn't take long before I hear the muffled, ball gagged words, "put a clothespin on my clit". So I do. I haven't even placed the damn thing on there yet and she's recoiling from perceived pain. But once the clothespin is clamped down on her dick she cries out. She cries out and then I start vibbing off the clothespin. I tell her, now is your opportunity. If you need to cum --go ahead. What are you waiting for? She tells me she can't do it. That the clothespin is just too distracting for her. But I encourage her anyway. Warning her this is it. Do it now or never. She tries really hard to do so but in the end she can't. She tells me in a pitiful, meek, ball gagged voice that she can't do it. So I tell her to ask me to cane her ass instead.

Next for Bijou is a little time walking the electrified copper pole. Once she has it straddled, she gets a large ring gag inserted and her wrists and elbows brought together. Did I mention she has on some spectacular heels? She's worried. She'd already seen this done before with the Marina shoot. She already has it in her head this is going to be an ordeal. So I crank up the electricity and stand back. Stand back and just watch for a bit. See how she holds up. If she stands perfectly still she doesn't get shocked. After a few minutes I put some nasty nipple clamps on her and ask her to walk forward, to the end of the pole. She starts off in a bit of a Frankenstein strut. Keeping her legs wide and locked she thrusts one leg forward and then the next. Each time though, she shocks herself. And each time she lets out a little scream. I crank up the electricity. She's shaking. Her pussy just brushing the length of the pole. She keeps stopping, hoping that the movement of the pole will cease enough that she can continue forward. She's trying hard, but in the end, all that shaking she's doing just isn't helping matters. She whimpers and cries out. When she finally made it to the end I had her walk backwards to her starting position. Oh my. She got a little desperate. But with the right encouragement I had her make the pass a couple more times. Eventually I have her stop in the middle of the pole, so I can cane her tits. And I do. After several canings the one nipple clamp falls off. She screams repeatedly. After she received several difficult strokes I pop the Hitachi on her cunt. She likes that. When she begs for permission to cum I tell her to ask me to turn up the electricity, to walk the pole again. Before I've even finished telling her this she's cutting me off, begging me to turn up the electricity because she can't stave off that orgasm. So I do. I have her walk the pole with the power cranked up on high, the marks on her chest growing into welts. It's a painful, electrified walk for her. Pretty much screaming and crying the whole time. To distract her I make her tell me how good that orgasm is going to be once she makes it to the end of the pole. Finally, she gets that Hitachi popped onto her box and she begins to quiver and shake. She asks for permission to cum and its given. Her orgasm comes over her so strong that she has to be held up now, her high heel encrusted feet failing her. Her knees start knocking together. I just keep the Hitachi on her in spite of her obvious discomfort. And suddenly, she screams out that she is having another orgasm.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 47:02
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps
Size: 694.6 MB